DeadAir 2012: Oh. The humanity.

Education and Enrichment


The Encyclopedia Britannica of mortal misadventures, the delightful and consuming FAD has gravesites, death certificates and details, details, details! An indispensable resource for settling wagers, meeting future in-laws and breaking the ice at job interviews

New! Dearly Departed Tours - From Scott Michaels of, the man who ran Grave Line Tours returns with Dearly Departed: The Tragical History Tour. Forget Universal Studios. If you're going to Los Angeles this is the one tour you want to take. Three hours of Tinseltown Tragedy, from the LaBianca and Menendez houses, the famed Ambassador Hotel where Bobby Kennedy's '68 campaign ended, and much more.

The Smoking Gun

The incontrovertible truth, as it comes over their transom. Whether it's a shirtless, sweaty Michael Jackson's late-night request for a Costo-sized tub of Vaseline for him and his Webolo-aged guest, the latest actor beating his girlfriend in a House of Blues parking lot or groping a total stranger on the street, or a young up-and-comer making his grab for infamy by getting caught bobbing in an outhouse surveying the aft of unsuspecting women, The Smoking Gun™ to is your invaluable resource for every delightful head-scratching nugget of criminal dirt you never knew you wanted to know.


The best out-of-work talk show host in America. Visit his site for podcasts of his late, lamented "Rick Emerson Show" and for news on when he may be gracing our airwaves again.

The Onion: America's finest news source

"America's finest news source." Don't get caught stupid. The Onion brings you the unvarnished truth once a week. Invest in your mind. Besides, it's free.


Art made to order. Send Sam your title and he'll realize your creative vision in brilliantly-drawn glory. Unless your suggestion really sucks, of course--but give it a try anyway. A good artist can usually surmount the inferiority of his materials.

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