DeadAir 2012: Oh. The humanity.


The content on this Web site has been written for entirely satirical purposes, which is why its premises, opinions, and assertions are so deliberately outlandish that no one who is clear on the concept and process of putting on pants in the morning would confuse them with libel, slander, defammation of character, malice aforethought, or even prophecy. This is in accordance with the same 1st Amendment tenets upheld by the United States Supreme Court in Jerry Falwell v. Larry Flynt, and while Reverend Falwell's name probably appears on this site somewhere, we make no disparaging remarks about his mother. Factual representations from this site, such as a celebrity engaging in tawdry behavior at a nightclub or crowing about how Scientology helps their bowel movements, are not made up out of whole cloth, and are either quoted or cited from other published sources, with attribution. This site is purely for the purposes of benign, harmless amusement and waxing our Freedom of Speech pickle. Enjoy it--that's what it's here for.

-The Management

Virtually condemn your most-loathed celebrity, relative, or backstabbing weasel ex-friend!

Try it--it's a scream, and very cathartic!

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