DeadAir 2012: Oh. The humanity.

For Immediate Release: 2.5.01

DeadAir 2003 Announces Catering Partnership With Cincinnati's Premier Gay Sports Eatery, Pfisters

Portland, OR - Feb. 05, 2003 - In a continued effort to provide its guests with nothing but the finest in creature comforts, DeadAir 2003 this week announced that it has entered into partnership with upscale Cincinnati gay sports eatery, Pfisters, to handle all meal service on DeadAir 2003 and DeadAir 2.

DA2k3 Co-Founders/Spokespersons/Committee Chairs, Lori S. and B. Kelter, state, "DeadAir is all about elegance, and we spare no expense in ensuring that our Valued Guests enjoy nothing but the finest in tony pampering, and that includes the delectable cuisine we're committed to presenting our passengers who very soon will see nothing in the eternal buffet before them but endless turreens of crow and platters of humble pie for the arrogant, callous lives they've led. Surely, neither selection will be to their taste, so it's the least we can do to make their last earthly meal a symphony of the delicious!"

Pfisters, International, President and CEO, B. Noss, offers convincingly that gay-oriented cuisine is ideal for the DeadAir guests not only because of its inherent gentility and unwavering ambrosial excellence, but that its cachet might ease tensions and perhaps help initiate a comfortable, honest exchange between Trent Lott, Jesse Helms, Rick Santorum, David Copperfield, and other DeadAir guests who may be bashful when it comes to addressing the true nature of their sexual orientation.

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Virtually condemn your most-loathed celebrity, relative, or backstabbing weasel ex-friend!

Try it--it's a scream, and very cathartic!

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